Immersion Assembly Recount Writing

Today on the 9th of October it was the first day back to school after a two week holiday. I was kinda nervous going back to school after a 2 week holiday cause i haven’t been to school for 2 weeks.we had to line up and get ready to go to immersion assembly we have an immersion assembly every start to a new term or year we had one today and there were 5 teams that went up and shared a performance or an act the first one was about a dog that kept running away from its owner and the owner wanted to buy the dog a cage so he couldn’t run away The movie was called sofa i liked the movie because it shows how you don’t have to sell your dog because it keeps running away,you just have to buy it a cage so it can not run away. I felt excited because all the movies were cool and we had a girl named angelica that used to come to Point England school which is my school she now plays for the black ferns and her last game was against Samoa.   

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  1. Hi Stanley,

    I finally got to see your blog. I love reading your stories. Keep it up on your writing and your punctuation (:

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