About me

Malo e lelei Talofa lava My name is Stanley, I am 12 years old and Im attending at Pt England School and im Samoan and Tongan. My favourite hobbies are playing sports and hanging out with my friends and playing games. my favourite fast food restaurants is KFC Maccas and Burger king And Popeyes.

Immersion assembly

My favourite team that performed Transformers with the topic that is called drama was team 3. Because their  presentation was about Matilda. and why I picked team 3 was because they did a song. While Bobby John was eating chocolate mud cake. And Bobby John was acting as Bruce Bogtrotter. Then Ms Moala was acting as Mrs Trunchbull. While the rest was about the kids that were at the back in the Matilda movie.

DLO – How my Mum came to NZ

Mālō e lelei and welcome to my very first animation of the week! This is a short animation about how my mum came to NZ and more. If you’re also wondering why I am not talking about my dad, it’s because he lives in NZ and met my mum.

Anyways, please do enjoy as this is going to get mark. And remember, please leave a positive comment 🙂

200 Word Challenge-Chronological Order

Tasted the best food you’ve ever tasted.



Begin your writing here:The best food i’ve ever had was butter chicken with naan bread and my other favourites are Potato salad with Corn beef or Sapasui or Curry and i like Pani popo cause its creamy with the coconut milk  and i like Koko Alaisa i like the koko alaisa because i like drinking koko and i like chicken wings cause i like the crunch and the juiciness and i like dumplings to espectly the soup dumplings cause its juicy in the inside and i like pancakes Crumpets and Waffles with golden syrup it just taste like similar to caramel but has more sweet in it and i like McDonalds cause of the chicken nuggets and their fries and i like Kfc to cause of there spicy wings and i like burger king to cause you get free refills and i like wendy’s cause their have large cups and i like denny’s cause they have curly fries and i like Carl’s jr cause of their waffle fries and there milkshakes and i like dunkin donuts and my favourite donut is the glaze donuts Otai cause of the fruits in it like pineapple mango watermelon and coconut or you can do the apple Otai.

Immersion Assembly Recount Writing

Today on the 9th of October it was the first day back to school after a two week holiday. I was kinda nervous going back to school after a 2 week holiday cause i haven’t been to school for 2 weeks.we had to line up and get ready to go to immersion assembly we have an immersion assembly every start to a new term or year we had one today and there were 5 teams that went up and shared a performance or an act the first one was about a dog that kept running away from its owner and the owner wanted to buy the dog a cage so he couldn’t run away The movie was called sofa i liked the movie because it shows how you don’t have to sell your dog because it keeps running away,you just have to buy it a cage so it can not run away. I felt excited because all the movies were cool and we had a girl named angelica that used to come to Point England school which is my school she now plays for the black ferns and her last game was against Samoa.