Year: 2023

200 Word Challenge-Chronological Order

Tasted the best food you’ve ever tasted.



Begin your writing here:The best food i’ve ever had was butter chicken with naan bread and my other favourites are Potato salad with Corn beef or Sapasui or Curry and i like Pani popo cause its creamy with the coconut milk  and i like Koko Alaisa i like the koko alaisa because i like drinking koko and i like chicken wings cause i like the crunch and the juiciness and i like dumplings to espectly the soup dumplings cause its juicy in the inside and i like pancakes Crumpets and Waffles with golden syrup it just taste like similar to caramel but has more sweet in it and i like McDonalds cause of the chicken nuggets and their fries and i like Kfc to cause of there spicy wings and i like burger king to cause you get free refills and i like wendy’s cause their have large cups and i like denny’s cause they have curly fries and i like Carl’s jr cause of their waffle fries and there milkshakes and i like dunkin donuts and my favourite donut is the glaze donuts Otai cause of the fruits in it like pineapple mango watermelon and coconut or you can do the apple Otai.

Immersion Assembly Recount Writing

Today on the 9th of October it was the first day back to school after a two week holiday. I was kinda nervous going back to school after a 2 week holiday cause i haven’t been to school for 2 weeks.we had to line up and get ready to go to immersion assembly we have an immersion assembly every start to a new term or year we had one today and there were 5 teams that went up and shared a performance or an act the first one was about a dog that kept running away from its owner and the owner wanted to buy the dog a cage so he couldn’t run away The movie was called sofa i liked the movie because it shows how you don’t have to sell your dog because it keeps running away,you just have to buy it a cage so it can not run away. I felt excited because all the movies were cool and we had a girl named angelica that used to come to Point England school which is my school she now plays for the black ferns and her last game was against Samoa.   

Response to text

  1. What are some similarities between Earth and Mars?


That when earth is done with they will move to mars


  1. Humans would find it challenging to live on Mars without what?


Without a heater or a campfire.


  1. What are the 3 things that the article says are making our planet Earth unlivable?


We must take care of our planet, reduce pollution, conserve resources, and find ways to live sustainably. While the idea of living on Mars is thrilling, it’s important to remember that Earth is our home, and we should do everything we can to protect it.By being responsible Earthlings, we can make sure that our planet remains a beautiful and livable place for generations to come.


Inference: Use Clues from the Text to Think of an Answer

  1. Explain in your own words why scientists are exploring the possibility of a move to Mars?


Because it’s the closest planet to earth.


  1. What are some challenges that humans would face if there was a move to Mars?


The coldness it’s like Minus 85°F (-65°C)


  1. Why do you think plants will be so important to the terraforming of Mars?


Too much carbon dioxide could be used by those plants during the process by which plants use sunlight water and carbon dioxide to create oxygen and energy in the form of sugar to make it grow and when u make it grow it even creates oxygen and energy thats in a form of sugar.     


Unfamiliar Words: Clarifying Language that may cause Misunderstanding


Word Sentence from the text Definition 
Enthusiast A planet called Mars, located 342 million kilometres away from Earth, has captured the imagination of scientists and space enthusiasts alike.  A person filled with enthusiasm
Potential Mars holds the potential for us to explore and perhaps even call it our new home someday. While it’s an exciting idea, we must remember that our primary focus should be on taking care of Earth. Someone’s or something’s ability to develop, achieve, or succeed:
Abundant While Earth is beautiful and abundant, we must face the reality that our actions are harming our planet. Pollution, climate change, and the overuse of natural resources are making Earth less livable.  Abundant means like available or like existing. 
Generate We would need to find ways to grow food, create sustainable habitats, and generate the resources necessary for survival. Like produce or create.


Global Inferencing: Making Connections between the Text and the Wider World


Would you want to be one of the first people living on Mars?

Come up with solid reasons for your choice, and provide evidence, and examples to support your reasons.


I would not like to be on mars because the cold would be 85°F (-65°C). and if i had to go i would bring a heat/electric generator and bring a tent a stove and and  flint and steel with tree sticks. We can also build shelters with a built in heater and we can also plant trees to make a human environment. 


Climate Change Explanatory Writing

What is climate change: climate change is a thing that shifts temperatures and weather patterns.


How is climate change bad:is bad because it has a intense drought, storms, heat waves, and rising sea levels, and melting glaciers 


Warmer temperatures over time are changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature. This poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life on Earth.Nearly all land areas are seeing more hot days and heat waves; 2020 was one of the hottest years on record. Higher temperatures increase heat-related illnesses and can make it more difficult to work and move around. Wildfires start more easily and spread more rapidly when conditions are hotter.


What is climate change: climate change is  like weather patterns change and sea levels rising and it was natural in 1800.